Could You Get Free Solar Panels in 2015?

Because of its EU targets, the UK government has launched many incentives and initiatives to help improve the efficiency of our housing stock. As well as being able to get funding for everyday essentials such as free boilers, and free home insulation, you could now also get help towards reducing your energy bills further by installing free solar panels.

Why is it free?

Right now, because of the ‘feed in tariff’, there are companies who are approved and accredited to install free solar panels in to homes throughout the UK. They will maintain the system for the duration of its lifetime and they will claim the payments from the ‘Feed in tariff’. You will benefit instantly from reduced electricity bills (up-to 50% less!) and not have to worry about on-going maintenance or repairs to the system. This is the very rare case, of a win-win. There is absolutely zero costs to the home owner and you will get instant savings, all you need to do is allow an installer to place their panels on to your roof space.

Who funds free solar?

For solar, the government has been successfully running an incentive for many years now which is called the ‘Feed in Tariff‘, or, the ‘Generation Tariff’. It’s was put in place to make installing renewable technologies more appealing and to reward those who invest in to them.

Who qualifies for free solar?

Any home owner can apply for a free solar system, you do not need to be on benefits however there are some certain criteria which your property will need to meet:

  1. Your roof must be face south, east, west or east and west.
    This is to ensure it captures enough of the days sunshine to generate enough savings.
  2. Your roof must not be excessively shaded.
    There must not be tall trees or buildings casting shadows on to your property and your potentially free solar system.
  3. Your roof space must be suitable.
    If you current roof has many apex’, or dormers, this will not allow for a large enough array of panels to be fitted.

Want to claim the Feed-In-Tariff?

If you can afford to cover the cost of your new solar pv install (typically £5-6k), then this is highly recommended. By paying for, and owning your own solar system, you will be able to claim the generous feed-in-tariff payments which are available. The government will pay you for generating green electricity, even if you use it. Any excess is sold back to the grid.

You can pay for a new solar pv system out-right, or you can look to get a solar pv system on finance via a solar loan. Before committing to any company, we would strongly recommend that you get some prices online via some simple comparison websites. Get quotes for solar panels.

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