Compare New Boiler Deals, All Online!

Heatable is a recently launched boiler price comparison website which allows consumers to browse the best deals available from top-rated boiler installers who’re able to help in their area. Users are then able to filter the results based on what’s important to them, such as price, boiler make, warranty length and more. What’s more, it even breaks the prices down in to both ‘out-right’ and finance options, to give buyers a better understanding of their options.

Heatable’s founder, Sam Price, says:

Heatable is going to change the way people buy their new boilers, for good. For the first time, consumers are able to find the best deal without having to handle the pushy sales calls and dodgy salesmen at unsociable hours. Everything that they couldn’t do before, they now can, from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Within 30 seconds, they can get 30+ quotes which are totally bespoke to them.

In order to access the quotes, the user will need to answer some quick-fire questions about their home and it’s current heating system. Then, based on their answers, Heatable can determine which type of boiler will be required, how powerful it will need to be and calculate if it’s going to need any other additional safety attachments. It’s this simple, self service system which cuts out the need to meet multiple salesmen, who’ll all need to do the same thing.

Once submitted, Heatable matches it’s users up to multiple Gas Safe installers who’re able to help in their area, and present them with a range of different bespoke quotes which they’ll then be able to filter by brand, warranty length, rating, price and more. There’s different deals to cater for different budgets too, which really helps when trying to keep the costs down!

If a user finds a deal which they like, or if they have any questions about the package, finance payments etc, they can simply call the installers directly. There’s no call backs, or waiting around. Everything can be boxed off in real-time.

With funding for the ECO scheme being slowly cut, a website like Heatable could be just what the savvy boiler buyer needs.

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