Boiler Schemes 2013

The Boiler Scheme in 2013

Since launching in 2013, the free boiler scheme has been extremely successful and provided thousands and thousands of homes up and down the UK with reliable and efficient heating. If the scheme was not introduced in 2013, those in need of home efficiency improvements would have been quite literally, left out in the cold. New boilers are not cheap to install. Far from it.

Due to the Boiler Schemes popularity in 2013, it’s hit the ground running in 2014. With more and more home owners and private tenants taking advantage of the scheme, the word spreads fast.

Free Boiler Scheme 2013Why Was The Boiler Scheme so Popular in 2013?

It’s like anything. If it’s free, you will want to take advantage of it.

Why was the boiler scheme started?

It was started to help those in fuel poverty, or those in low-income households access boiler replacements which would be fully funded. Typically, a new boiler installation costs £2,000. To have that cost covered was crucial to its success.

If you want apply for a free boiler, or to see if you qualify, visit –


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