Boiler Replacement Scheme

The ECO Boiler Replacement Scheme

So, what is the ECO Boiler Replacement Scheme? It is a scheme which was set up to help people in fuel poverty who struggle to makes ends meat. New boilers can cost upwards of £2,000 to have installed, especially if it is a premium brand of boiler. The ECO Boiler Replacement Scheme enables qualifying private tenants and home owners to access grants which cover the full cost of the boiler replacements.

Can I Get A Free Boiler

If you receive the correct combination of benefits and have a boiler which is over 5 years old, technically, there is a grant available for you which will cover the full cost of the install. Not only can you get a free boiler installed in your home, but it will also come with upgraded heating controls which means that you can zone off certain areas of your home. This will further reduce your bills as you will not be generating heat for rooms which are not even in use. Your new A rated free boiler will also carry a warranty too as part of the Governments Boiler Replacement Scheme.

What Benefits Qualify For A Free Boiler?

To make things a little easier to understand, have a look at the image below for the criteria for the boiler replacement scheme. If for example  you receive Child Tax Credits and your income is below £15,860, you qualify for a free boiler under the governments ECO scheme

Free Boiler Scheme



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5 comments on “Boiler Replacement Scheme
  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love free boilers!@ boom!

  2. Shaiun says:

    Intersting scheme, I’ll see if I qualify for a free boiler now

  3. ザック says:

    The main reason why none of us is speaking about watch and for that reason the thing you should begin doing right now.

  4. janet monks says:

    want to know if i am eligible for the scheme we are both pensioners but not on benifits our boiler is over 27 years old

  5. maz khan says:

    Enquiring about the free grants available in bd7 1lb

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