Can I Get A Free Boiler If I’m On Benefits?

In short, yes. However, you can’t just be on any benefits in order to qualify for a free replacements gas boiler. There is a certain criteria which needs to be met, some type of benefits qualify automatically, where as others may need an extra ‘qualifying component’ in order to have a successful boiler grant claim.

It’s not always just down to the type of benefits which are being received. It is also down to the type of boiler which is present in the property, it needs to be over a certain age (cant be a condensing/A Rated boiler) or it needs to be broken/in-efficient.

Which Benefits for Free BoilerWhat benefits are needed to claim a free boiler?

There are three different groups which will qualify you for a free replacement gas boiler under the UK Governments ECO Scheme. We’ll go over the ones which qualify automatically first.

Pension Credit – Automatically qualifies for a Free Boiler

This is a top-up to your standard state pension. This is not to be confused as a standard Pension. If you receive Pension Credit as one of your benefits, you qualify automatically for a free replacement boiler.

Child Tax Credits (Income less than £15,860) – Qualifies for a Free Boiler

If you receive Child Tax Credits and your household income for last year was less than £15,860, you will also qualify automatically to have your old gas boiler replaced 100% free of charge. Your income needs to be less than £15,860 in order to qualify. ECO was designed to help low-income households to access free replacements boilers and home insulation.

Income-Based Job Seekers Allowance (JSA), Income-Related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) & Income Support.

If you receive one of the above benefits, you tick one of the boxes in order to qualify for a free replacement boiler. However, in this group, you will also need need to meet one of the following qualifying components below;

  • Have a Child Under 16
  • Have  a child under 30 in full-time education
  • Child tax credits including a disability element
  • Disabled child premium
  • Disability Premium
  • Pension Premium

If you receive Income-Related Employment & Support Allowance and receive a Work Related Activity Group or Support Component then you should also technically qualify for a free boiler as long as you have an old boiler which is in-efficient.

Working Tax Credit (Income Less Than £15,860)

If you receive working tax credits and your income is less than £15,860, then yes, you should qualify for a free replacement boiler under the governments ECO Scheme if you also receive one of the below ‘qualifying components’.

  • Responsible for a child under the age of 16 who lives at the property
  • Responsible for a child aged between 16 and 20 in full time education other than higher education
  • Receive a disabled worker element or severe disability element
  • Be aged 60 or over

If you fit in to one of the above groups, then you should qualify for a free replacement boiler.

Are you the home owner, private tenant or a landlord?

In order to apply for a boiler grant, you must be the home owner, private tenant or landlord. You can not apply for a free boiler if you are in a council property or housing association.

Is your current boiler broken, old, or in-efficient?

You may fit in to the above, but, to replace a boiler for free, the current one needs to be over 7 years old (not A rated/condensing) or be broken.

For more information on boiler grants: 

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18 comments on “Can I Get A Free Boiler If I’m On Benefits?
  1. Teresa May says:

    I get benefits and I’m on child tax credits. Can i get a free boiler? Im based in Leeds


  2. David Johnson says:

    I claim working tax credits but my income is too high to claim a free boiler. A friend of mine had his fitted recently too! Damn it, looks like I’ll have to pay :-(

  3. Leanne Jones says:

    What a brilliant scheme! I work but still claim working tax credits because of my low-income. I will apply!

  4. John Daintith says:

    Great site, the scheme works great for those on Benefits wanting a free boiler.

  5. David Macmitchmeal says:

    I get working tax credits, can I claim a free boiler?

  6. Jennifer Tandy says:

    I managed to get a free boiler because I’m on working tax credits and I have a young child in my home. This is a great scheme!

  7. Mr Jarvis says:

    Great! Thanks for the link, I’m on benefits and my boiler is knakcered!

  8. Peter Jones says:

    Tanks for the great post, a friend of mine has had their boiler replaced under the scheme.

  9. Juniper Jane says:

    Can I get a free boiler if I’m on tax credits?

  10. Maria says:

    Interesting site, I didn’t realise you could free boiler. I always thought it was a con!

  11. Michaell says:

    Hmmm, can I get a free boiler if I’m on child benefits? I’m in a council house?

  12. Swayna says:

    Free Boiler! Yey!

  13. Kelsie says:

    Thanks for the great post, I’m going to look in to it!

  14. Salomon Botas says:

    Hello there, You have done an excellent job. I will certainly digg it and for my part suggest to my friends. I am sure they will be benefited from this site.

  15. i am on benifits and my boiler is 7yrs old. i think it is a b or c rating and is a combi. Am i entitled to a free boiler


    Janet Neville

  16. I am on benifits and my boiler is 7yrs old. I think it is B or C rated and is a combi am i entitled to a free boiler.


    Janet Neville

  17. r.bleakley (ricky) says:

    hi. can you tell me if i could get help with a boiler old one playing up 10 +yrs old ,i get low disability componenti only recieve national insurance contributions my wife works 16 hrs week minimum wage i get occupational pension £760.00 month thanks

  18. rosina doyle says:


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