Are Boiler Grants still available?

In short, yes.

Grants are a little harder to come by these days because of issues with the Energy Suppliers not releasing funding. They have targets to hit, and because they are ahead of targets, they are in no hurry to install free boiler on a very large scale. However, grants are still available, so if you have a boiler which is old, or in-efficient and you receive the correct type of benefits then you could still have yours replaced for free.

Do I need to make a contribution for a free boiler grant?

Because the funding is tricker to come by, and because the rates are a lot lower, some companies may ask for a contribution to make the job do-able. If you have a very large property, which is poorly insulated and leaks heat, then the chances are that you will be able to have a new one installed completely free of charge. If you have a slightly newer home, then you may have to make a contribution in order to have a free boiler installed.

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2 comments on “Are Boiler Grants still available?
  1. lynda pym says:

    hi there i am eligiable for a free boiler ,just that i was told i need a certain width pipes leading from the gas meter , to the boiler ,is that true ? ty

  2. brittni meghan says:

    Grants are most useful for the boiler guys. So it is a good news for the boiler guys, that’s grants are still available.

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