Pensioner? Claim a free boiler via Pension Credit

If you receive Pension Credit from the UK Government (not your standard state pension!), you could be entitled to have your old and in-efficient boiler replaced completely free of charge.

As we approach winter, its never been a more important time to ensure that your current heating is up to scratch. If your current boiler is over 8 years old, you can have a new condensing unit installed at no cost to you. Free boilers are available via grants, which are non repayable and do not need to be paid back at any time. A new boiler could cost somewhere in the region of 3.5k to have installed, so, why not tai advantage of a fully funded free boiler grant?

Pension credit automatically qualifies you, as long as you have all of your paperwork in place, you are the home owner/private tenant and you current boiler is over 8 years old then you will be able to have a new one installed with a warranty and guarantee.

Pensioner, on Pension Credit?

Check if you qualify today.

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