5 Things You Should Know About The Free Boiler Scheme

You’ve probably reached this site because you’re interested in finding out more information about the UK Governments Free Boiler Scheme. To save reading through everything on the site, and to save you time, we’ve put together 5 key points which set out the basics of the free boiler scheme and the boiler grants which are available.

1 – Are Free Boilers still available?

In short, yes. Free boilers are still available via the UK Governments ECO Scheme in 2014. The scheme has been set up to help those in low-income households have energy efficient improvements installed in to their homes completely free of charge. Your boiler will need to be 8+ years old (not condensing) in order to qualify. In some circumstances, you may need to make a contribution to the installation, but this depends on how technical the job will be/any extras which you may want such as heating controls etc. The majority of the install will be fully funded by the grant.

2 – How long will it take to get my Free Boiler installed?

The timescales vary from company to company, but in general, you should expect to have your new free boiler installed in to your home within around 3-4 weeks from the point that your property is surveyed. You will need to ensure that all paperwork relating to your benefits claim relates to the property you are applying for. If it isn’t, it may delay the free boiler installation time.

3 – Who can apply for a free boiler?

Anyone in a private household. This means, home owners, private tenants and landlords. If you are living in a housing association, you will not be able to apply for a grant as it is their responsibility to maintain the heating system in your home.

4 – I live in a flat, can I apply for a free boiler?

You may well qualify for a free boiler under the ECO scheme, however, if your property is very small, and already well-insulated, you will not get a large amount of funding to go towards the installation of the free boiler. Generally, most companies will not accept applications from those living in flats because the job will not be financially viable.

5 – I don’t have a boiler, can I get a full central heating system for free?

No. Grants are only currently valuable for free boiler replacements/heating controls (where necessary). The cost of installing a full central heating system in to a home would be too much and there is not enough funding to complete such a large scale job for free.

To find out if you qualify for a free replacement boiler, click the link on the right hand side of this page!

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